Lending Unit Service (Service On Loan) is an alternative service provided. Unit lending is a form of service to the consumer by providing a replacement unit for the under-repaired unit at the RYU service center. With terms and conditions as follows:


1. Unit is a POWERTOOLS category, branded RYU.
2. For any reason, units can not be repaired in less than 2 hours from the moment received.
3. Lending is only applicable for Customer End Users.
4. Lending is valid only 1 (One) unit for 1 (One) Customer End User.
5. Customer is required to provide a guarantee of:
a. Unit Level 1: Rp. 50.000, – (Fifty Thousand Rupiah).
b. Unit Level 2: Rp. 75.000, – (Seventy Five Thousand Rupiah).


1. Customer agrees to the terms of eligibility.
2. Loan limit of 7 working days after receiving confirmation from service center that the unit has been repaired.
3. Willing to provide identity data, phone number and fill the loan form correctly (identity photographed by the service center).
4. Damaged loan Unit must be confirmed to service center.
5. Customer will not be charged anything if the loan unit is damaged, unless the seal is open.
6. If the seal on the loan unit has been opened/exfoliated then the damage will be charged to the customer.
7. Willing to replace the lost loan units due to negligence either in the form of the same items, or in accordance with the unit price.
8. Customer has no right to force the availability loan unit if the unit is empty, for this service is an alternative service and not a necessity.